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Super Gay and Screaming

Title: Super Gay and Screaming
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Rating: NC-17
Length: One-shot
Genre: Attempted humour and a smidgen of smut

Summary: Jaejoong is happy with his girlfriend, Jihye. Really, he is. It's not his fault that Jihye's older brother, Yunho, likes to grope him, is it? And it's definitely not his fault that he kind of enjoys it. Well… okay, maybe that's a little bit his fault. But Yunho's hot, so are you really going to hold it against him? No, didn't think so.

Disclaimery A/N: The idea for this fic came from a post on in which someone's brother said, "You’re so temperamental. I can’t even molest your boyfriend in the shower without you getting angry at me,” hence Yunho's line.

Jaejoong was wet. Very wet, as a matter of fact. He and his girlfriend had been on their way home from school when the skies had suddenly opened, drenching them both to the bone. They had quickened their pace to her house, desperate to get out of the rain and into the warmth.

Bustling them in through the front door, Jaejoong’s girlfriend said, “You can have a shower in the main bathroom to warm up, and I’ll use the one in my parents' en suite. Just wait here a sec whilst I get you a towel and some clothes.”

Jaejoong chuckled. “Jihye, I know I’m kind of slim, but I don’t think your clothes are going to fit me…”

His girlfriend rolled her eyes and whacked him on the arm. “Don’t be silly – you can borrow some of my brother’s clothes.”

“You have a brother?” Jaejoong asked absently, trying not to drip all over the floor. It was a bit of a losing battle, but darn it if he wasn’t trying!

Jihye began to make her way upstairs. “Yeah, Yunho. He’s about 3 years older than us, in his first year of uni, but he still lives at home. He won’t mind me lending you his clothes, but he can be kind of… scary… so just watch yourself around him, okay?”

Jaejoong’s eyes widened at her words, imagination running overtime.

Her brother was… scary? How so? He envisaged a tall, strong, built man who was very protective of his little sister and would crush any guy who got within ten feet of her. He would have a short temper, lashing out at those who angered him. If Jaejoong even so much as looked at Jihye the wrong way, he would be reduced to a quivering pile of mush at the hands of this ‘scary Yunho’.

And would this ‘scary Yunho’ really be okay with Jaejoong wearing his clothes? What if he wasn’t? What if he thought that Jaejoong was being too friendly, too familiar, and kicked him back out onto the cold, wet streets, completely naked!?

As a smiling Jihye came back downstairs and handed Jaejoong a warm towel, some jogging bottoms and a t-shirt, Jaejoong resolved to be extra careful around his girlfriend’s brother.

★       ★       ★

Oh, sweet warmth…

Jaejoong basked under the hot spray of the shower, conscious of the fact that he was in someone else’s house and probably shouldn’t take too long, but the warm water on his frozen skin felt too good.

He hummed to himself quietly, slowly lathering up a sponge and running it unhurriedly over his arms and chest. The boy bent down to wash his legs, when suddenly there was a whoosh of cold air and he felt large hands cupping his bare bottom.

“Here, let me help you with that…” A deep, sensual voice murmured.

Jaejoong did the only thing that he could think of: he screamed.

And then he promptly fell over, slipping on the wet plastic of the bathtub.

“Whoa, dude, you okay!?” Came that voice once more.

Apprehensively, Jaejoong turned around. He was met with the sight of a very naked guy aged about 19 or so, with tanned skin, stylish, shoulder-length black hair, a small but handsome face and… a rather large penis.

Jaejoong screamed again.

“Jaejoong!?” The door banged open and Jihye rushed in, worried about the shrieks her boyfriend was emitting. (She had been far more efficient with her shower, and was already dried and dressed). Seeing the naked man standing in the bathtub and assuming that Jaejoong must still be behind the shower-curtain, she frowned deeply. “Oppa, what the hell are you doing in here?”

‘Oppa’? Jaejoong thought. Wait, this is Yunho!? He stared up at the man in front of him (and tried very hard not to look at his penis, which was still just right there), determining that whilst he was indeed tall, strong and built, he probably wasn’t anything like he had imagined in any other way. He doesn’t seem that scary… But then, he did just join me in the shower… I guess that’s kind of scary…

“I was helping – Jaejoong, was it? I was helping Jaejoong wash. What’s wrong with that?” Yunho replied, his tone of voice completely different to the one he had used with Jaejoong. Then it had been seductive, but now it was playful and childish, with a wide-grin stretching his striking features.

“Everything!” Jihye yelled back, fists clenched at her sides. “Everything is wrong with it, Oppa! You can’t do these kinds of things!”

Yunho huffed and rolled his eyes. “Geez, you’re so temperamental. I can’t even molest your boyfriend in the shower without you getting angry at me.”

“That’s a normal thing to get angry about!” Screeched Jihye. “He’s my boyfriend, not yours! Now get out! And put some God-damned clothes on!”

Fine,” Yunho drawled. He turned to look down at Jaejoong, who was still sprawled out on the floor. Winking at the stunned blond boy, he said, “I’ll see you later, cutie,” before stepping out of the bathtub and strutting passed his sister, nabbing a towel on the way out.

After a few moments of silence, Jihye finally asked, “Um, Jaejoong? Are you okay?”

“Y-yeah…” Came the weak reply.

“He didn’t… touch you, did he?”

“N-no,” Jaejoong lied, face heating up at the memory of Yunho’s hands on his behind.

“Oh, good.” Jihye breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m sure you probably realised, but uh, Yunho’s gay. Like, super gay. Like, he dances under rainbows with the fairies kind of gay. Like –”

“He’s gay,” Jaejoong squeaked, still hiding on the floor behind the shower-curtain, heart beating fast. “I get it.”

Jihye nodded. “We all accept him and love him and stuff, but it can be annoying at times. He tries to turn all of my friends gay, too. I didn’t think he’d actually go for my boyfriend as well, but…”

“Is that why you said he was scary? And to be careful around him?”

Jihye nodded again, despite the fact that Jaejoong couldn’t see her. “Yeah… Sorry.”

“It’s okay. No harm done.” Except for the fact that now, I will never be able to look at my girlfriend’s brother without thinking of him naked. And touching my ass. Great. “So, um, do you think maybe I could finish my shower now…?”

“Oh!” Jihye laughed, embarrassed. “Yes, yes, of course. Take your time! I’ll just be downstairs…”

Jaejoong heard the soft sound of the door shutting and let out a deep breath. He stood up to resume washing, adrenaline still pumping, and just hoped that he wouldn’t have to see Yunho again for the rest of the night.

★       ★       ★

Sadly, Jaejoong’s wish went unheard. As soon as he stepped out of the bathroom, the older boy pounced on him, wrapping his arms securely around Jaejoong’s chest.

“We meet again, cutie,” the deep voice reverberated in his ear.

Predictably, Jaejoong screamed.

From elsewhere in the house, Jihye yelled, “Oppa, stop harassing my boyfriend!”

“We’re just talking!” Yunho called back. His actions were contradictory to his words though, as his hands teasingly trailed over Jaejoong’s body. Whilst his left hand slipped under Jaejoong’s t-shirt, caressing the soft skin of his waist, his right slid across to pinch a nipple.

Jaejoong gasped at the feeling and bit his lip, resisting the urge to scream again (honestly, his throat was starting to hurt a little…).

“No no, don’t hold back,” Yunho murmured, dragging blunt nails across the blond boy’s abdomen. “I want you to scream for me, Joongie. I want to hear that voice.”

The younger choked on nothing, eyes impossibly wide. He knew he should move, should get downstairs to Jihye, and he was trying to make his limbs work, he really was, but Yunho’s touch was making him tremble and he was powerless to resist.

“You know, Joongie,” Yunho said conversationally, his voice husky, “I quite like seeing you in my clothes. It’s like we’re lovers. Like we’ve just been naked, touching each other and doing naughty things… Oh but wait, we have just been naked, and I was touching you…” Yunho giggled and Jaejoong shivered. “And I wonder…” Yunho’s left hand dipped lower, his fingers slipping under the waistband of the blond boy’s jogging bottoms.

Jaejoong really wanted to scream then, but no sound would come out, and he had a feeling that Yunho would like it if he screamed, anyway. That was a rather disturbing thought.

The older boy giggled again, mischievously. “Yup, just as I thought: no underwear. You’re so naughty, Joongie. I should punish you.”

Before he knew what was happening there was a warm, wet tongue on his neck and a large hand clasping his bare hip. His nipple received another pinch and Jaejoong broke out in goose bumps, his heart beating phenomenally fast whilst his eyes fluttered shut.

“Jaejoong, you coming down anytime soon?”

The young boy froze, body going rigid at the sound of his girlfriend’s voice. He was suddenly very aware of his surroundings, of what he was doing, of what Yunho was doing. He broke out of the hold almost immediately. Spinning around to face the elder, Jaejoong bowed his head in embarrassment, unable to bring himself to meet the other’s eyes.

“Um, Yunho-sshi –”

“Jaejoong-ah, we’ve seen each other naked. I think you can drop the ‘sshi’,” Yunho grinned.

“Um, right,” Jaejoong replied, blushing (and trying desperately not to remember Yunho’s naked body. He failed. Miserably). “Y-Yunho…”

“Call me ‘Hyung’.”

Jaejoong’s blush deepened. “H-Hyung…”

Yunho’s breath caught and he whispered, “God that’s hot… Anyway, you were saying something?”

“Um… Thank you for letting me borrow your clothes. I will wash them tonight and return them to Jihye at school tomorrow.” And I hope that I never have to see you again, Jaejoong added silently, not sure that his heart could take another meeting with the older boy. Too many shocks and too many strange sensations. He didn’t like it.

Jaejoong bowed and quickly ran down the stairs, glad that Yunho didn’t try to stop him. Joining Jihye in the living room, he gave her a small smile, cheeks heating up and guilt swirling in his stomach at the memory of what he’d let her brother do.

Something like that could never happen again.

★       ★       ★

Something like that happened again.

It took two weeks for Jaejoong to finally agree to go to Jihye’s house once more. He had been too nervous to go back, afraid of what Yunho would do to him. (Or, more accurately, what he would let Yunho do to him). He eventually gave in to Jihye’s pout though, hoping against hope that Yunho would be out.

No such luck. The two walked in to find the older boy lying on the sofa, one hand resting on his stomach and the other above his head, watching TV.

Jaejoong gulped nervously, emitting a barely audible ‘meep’ when Yunho turned to look at them.

“Joongie! I’ve not seen you in a while. Did you miss me?” Yunho grinned, long body flexing.

Shaking his head in the negative, Jaejoong stuttered out a weak reply.

Yunho pouted and Jaejoong wanted to kick himself for thinking that he preferred it to when Jihye pulled the same expression. Yunho somehow made the cute face seductive, and that was just wrong on so many levels.

“Oppa, what did I tell you about teasing Jaejoong?” Jihye sighed. “He’s my boyfriend, so back off, okay? We’re going to my room. Don’t bother us.”

Jaejoong followed Jihye to the staircase, chancing a last quick glance at Yunho. The other winked at him and licked his lips, causing Jaejoong to squeak (in a totally manly way, of course) and dash up the stairs after his girlfriend.

Oh God, he really is scary… Will definitely have to watch myself.

★       ★       ★

Later on that evening, Jaejoong was in the kitchen getting drinks for himself and Jihye. He was having a bit of trouble, though, as the shelf with the glasses on was just out of his reach.

He pushed himself against the counter, stretching up, when he felt a solid body moulding to his back. A large hand pressed against his abdomen, fingers just brushing the top of his crotch, and he saw another arm passing his own, easily retrieving a glass. What alarmed him the most, though, was the fact that a rather large penis seemed to be happily nestled between his butt-cheeks.

Before the other could even say anything, Jaejoong screamed.

The shrill sound made Yunho jump and the glass shattered on the granite counter-top.

Jaejoong screamed again.

“Shh, calm down baby,” Yunho murmured, both arms wrapping around the smaller boy and pulling him back. Turning the blond to look at him, he asked, “You’re not hurt, are you?”

Jaejoong didn’t think that his eyes could get any wider (or that he could get any more embarrassed – why the hell did he keep screaming?), but then Yunho reached for his hand, taking note of the small cut on one of his fingers.

Slowly, he raised the injured digit to his mouth and sucked, eyes locked with Jaejoong’s. His cheeks hollowed, taking the finger deeper, and then his tongue got involved, licking and swirling and teasing, and then his teeth nibbled on the tip, and Jaejoong’s whole body quivered in response.

The sound of footsteps on the stairs brought Jaejoong back to reality. He quickly pulled his finger free, feeling it tingle in the cool air.

He should not have been enjoying that. Definitely not. His girlfriend’s brother (another guy, for crying out loud) sucking on his finger should not have been enjoyable. Nope. And it wasn’t. Of course it wasn’t. Jaejoong’s heart was only racing because the glass breaking had scared him. And he was only red because the house was warm. That was all. No other reason. He certainly hadn’t been imagining Yunho sucking something else. What a silly idea!

“Jaejoong, are you okay?” Jihye asked worriedly as she entered the kitchen. She frowned as she caught sight of her brother. “Oppa, what did you do to him?”

“Nothing!” The older male replied innocently. “I was just helping Joongie get a glass, when I lost my grip and it smashed. I’ll clean it up now, don’t worry.”

Jihye stared at him suspiciously for a moment before huffing. “Fine, whatever. Jaejoong, don’t worry about the drinks – just come back upstairs.”

The blond boy merely nodded. He determinedly avoided Yunho’s gaze as he left the room, but a pinch to his behind made him scream once more.

Yunho just sniggered to himself whilst Jihye looked at Jaejoong curiously.

“I, um… Nothing. Let’s go.” Jaejoong ducked his head and grabbed Jihye’s hand, pulling her up the stairs.

He would not think about Yunho’s hands and mouth on him, damn it! He would not!

★       ★       ★

He thought about it.

He honestly didn’t mean to – it was completely unintentional, really. But… That doesn’t change the fact that it happened. And now Jaejoong felt awful. And slightly disturbed. Because seriously, who thought about their girlfriend’s brother whilst they –

No. He didn’t want to think about it again. He wanted to forget the whole thing. Especially before he saw either of the siblings.

Fate was not on his side though; the moment he saw Jihye’s smiling face the next day, everything came rushing back to him and he wanted to scream (maybe he should see someone about that habit of his?).

He remembered how he’d been in the throes of passion, hand wrapped firmly around his hard cock as he jerked himself off, erotic images floating through his mind. He’d thought of some porn that he’d seen the other day, of a dirty fantasy that always excited him, and finally, of his girlfriend, Jihye, on her knees with her pretty pouty lips wrapped around him.

He had been so close to coming, so close, and really, when one is that close to ecstasy, can they really be held accountable for what random thoughts may enter their mind? Because, you know, it wasn’t like Jaejoong wanted Jihye to become someone else, he didn’t want her face to get longer, more angular, and for her hair to get shorter, darker. He certainly didn’t want to suddenly be thinking of Yunho sucking on him, taking Jaejoong’s cock down his throat like a pro.

But, sadly, that is what happened. And, even worse, it was the scene that Jaejoong was thinking of when he finally climaxed, streams of come pumping out over his fingers. He felt dirty, ashamed, guilty, but inexplicably aroused when his mind wandered further and provided him with the image of Yunho licking the warm come from his fingers.

It took everything within Jaejoong to not crumble in front of Jihye, to act like normal. He really didn’t want to go back home with her, like they had planned, but it would be suspicious if he refused. He could only hope that Yunho wouldn’t try to seduce him again.

★       ★       ★

Yunho tried to seduce him again.

At least, that’s what Jaejoong assumed that the older boy was doing when he walked out of the bathroom, dripping wet and in nothing but a low-slung towel. Sure, it could have been a coincidence, but Jaejoong was pretty sure that Yunho would have heard he and Jihye enter the house and walk up the stairs. Plus, the feral grin that Yunho shot him was anything but innocent.

“Oppa, for crying out loud.” Jihye rolled her eyes in exasperation. “Go be gay somewhere else, would you? As I’ve said many times, Jaejoong is my boyfriend, which means he’s straight! Stop being all provocative!”

“Oh, I’m being provocative, am I?” Yunho smiled at Jaejoong wolfishly as he leant an arm against the doorframe, his whole (delicious, mouth-watering, sexy… no, Jaejoong, those are not the kind of thoughts that you should be thinking!) body stretched out and on display.

Jihye huffed. “Whatever. C’mon, Jaejoong.”

“Catch you later, Joongie!” Yunho called after the two, winking at the blond boy, and if Jaejoong happened to stumble on his way into Jihye’s room, well… That didn’t mean anything, did it?

★       ★       ★

It was a week later before Jaejoong saw Yunho again. In that time he had unfortunately succumbed to the images in his mind, coming once whilst thinking of the older boy. He was ashamed, of course, because how on earth could he orgasm whilst thinking of his girlfriend’s brother!? But, on the other hand, he was rather proud… because it had only been the once. He thought that that was pretty good going, considering how often Yunho’s naked body popped up in his mind…

After much pleading (because the thing with Yunho really was freaking him out a bit), Jaejoong was convinced to visit his girlfriend’s house once again. He was hoping that by staying in Jihye’s room, he wouldn’t have to deal with the older Jung sibling.

However, nature eventually called and he had to make a quick dash to the toilet. Relieved that he had made it there un-molested, the teenager was quickly lulled into a false sense of security and as such was completely unprepared for any encounters when he left the bathroom.


Jaejoong screamed.

From her bedroom, Jihye called, “Oppa, leave the poor boy alone!”

Yunho chose to ignore his sister, instead moving closer to the wide-eyed blond boy. He was grinning widely, but as he got closer to Jaejoong he looked rather confused. “What have you been eating?” He asked, cocking his head.

“What?” Jaejoong’s hand unconsciously rose to his mouth, his eyebrows furrowing.

Yunho laughed softly. “You’ve got stuff all over…” He made a vague gesture, circling his hand around his own mouth.

Jaejoong’s frown deepened and he rubbed at his lips. He didn’t see anything when he’d looked in the mirror in the bathroom, but… God, how embarrassing.

Yunho laughed again. “Nope, still there. Here, let me help you,” he said, stepping close to Jaejoong. His right hand clasped tightly to Jaejoong’s waist whilst his left gripped Jaejoong’s torso, thumb brushing against a suddenly peaked nipple. “Stand in the light, it’ll be easier.” Yunho pulled Jaejoong over, pushing him up against the wall.

The younger boy’s breath hitched, and not just because he had hit the wall with some force. Having the other that close, having his hands on him, his strong body crowding over him… It made Jaejoong’s heart beat faster in a not-entirely-unpleasant way.

“Y-Yunho…” He breathed out.

“I told you to call me ‘Hyung’,” was the growled reply.

Jaejoong whimpered. “H-Hyung…”

Yunho’s hands clenched as his eyes darkened. “Your mouth is still dirty, Jaejoong-ah. Let me clean it for you…” His right hand trailed up Jaejoong’s side, tickling slightly. He cupped the blond’s jaw and gently ran his thumb over Jaejoong’s bottom lip and cheek.

Jaejoong squeaked (he thought that it was a definite improvement from screaming). His eyes fluttered shut and his mouth opened a fraction as he watched Yunho drawing nearer. He knew that he should at least try to resist whatever was about to happen, but found that he just didn’t have the will to.

Maddeningly slowly, Yunho ran his tongue from the middle of Jaejoong’s plump bottom lip to the corner of his mouth, before flicking away, barely brushing his cheek.

“Got it,” the black-haired boy murmured, his breath ghosting over Jaejoong’s face.

Jaejoong’s eyes shot open, widening further at the grin that Yunho was sporting. He watched, heart thumping, as Yunho stepped back and released him from his hold.

The elder licked his lips, ran his eyes over Jaejoong’s flushed form and grinned once more before sashaying down the stairs, not even looking back to see the blond’s reaction.

Taking a few moments to calm his racing heart, Jaejoong stumbled back to Jihye’s room. She gave him a questioning look, but he just smiled at her timidly and shook it off. He would spend the rest of the night doting on her, his girlfriend, and would definitely not dwell on his strange reaction to Yunho’s teasing. He would certainly not admit that he had wanted Yunho to do more than tease.

★       ★       ★

He admitted that he had wanted Yunho to do more than tease.

Not out loud, of course. But, when he was alone at night, in the dark comfort of his room, hand pulling on his dripping cock, he admitted it.

And then immediately denied it. No way did he want his girlfriend’s brother to kiss him. Nuh uh. And he was positive that he didn’t want to be touched by him, either. And there was absolutely no doubt whatsoever in his mind that he indisputably, irrefutably, did not want Yunho’s lips and tongue roving over his skin, biting at his nipples, licking at his sternum, sucking on his most private parts, bringing him to such heights of pleasure that he…


Jaejoong reached for another tissue.

★       ★       ★

“Jaejoong, are you okay?” Jihye asked a week and a half later. They were sitting in her room (again) and were supposed to be watching a film, but Jaejoong just seemed to be staring blankly at the TV. “You’ve been kind of… distracted, lately. Is there something bothering you?”

“Ah, no, I’m fine.” Jaejoong forced a smile. It’s just that your damn brother keeps invading my mind at the most inopportune moments…

Jihye regarded him curiously for a minute more. “Well, if you’re sure…” She leant her head on his shoulder, eyes narrowing in suspicion when he flinched.

“Um, it’s getting late,” Jaejoong said, glimpsing the darkening sky through the window. “I should probably be getting home.”

Sighing, Jihye sat up again. “Yeah, I guess.”

“You carry on watching the film though – I’ll let myself out.” The blond boy gave her a soft kiss on the forehead, smiling at her sweetly before making his way out of the room.

Jaejoong was bent over by the front door, putting his shoes on, when he felt a harsh slap to his ass and heard an enthusiastic, “Joongie!”

Predictably, he screamed.

And then fell over. The falling over was more from the slap though, not because he was startled. Honest.

“Ah, sorry!” Yunho crouched down, reaching for the smaller boy. He grasped his waist and hauled him back to his feet, holding him against his chest. “Didn’t mean to startle you,” he whispered in Jaejoong’s ear.

Jaejoong shivered, uncomfortable with the close proximity. “It’s fine. I’m fine. You can let go now. I was just leaving.”

Yunho chuckled deeply. “Jaejoong-ah, have you looked outside? It’s about to tip it down any minute. You can’t walk home in this. I’ll drive you.”

The blond boy stiffened, knowing that Yunho driving him home was probably A Very Bad Idea. Still, he couldn’t bring himself to say no as the elder slowly released him, fingers dancing across his chest (and maybe teasing across a nipple) as he did so.

With a sense of dread, Jaejoong followed Yunho out to the car. He mumbled his address when prompted and stared out of the window the whole way, determinedly not looking at the gorgeous person next to him. It was only when Yunho finally spoke that he knew he was home.

“Oh, wait, before you go, there was something I wanted to give you,” Yunho said, quickly unbuckling his seatbelt.

He leant across Jaejoong to reach for the glove compartment, his right hand resting on the boy’s thigh for balance.

Jaejoong tried hard to keep his breathing under control. And to not scream, of course. He really should stop doing that, after all…

Yunho rummaged around in the small box but seemed unable to find what he was looking for. He leant over further, hand sliding up higher on Jaejoong’s thigh in the process.

Jaejoong felt as though his leg were burning, Yunho’s palm hot even through his jeans. He shifted slightly, trying to dislodge the other, but only succeeded in making Yunho’s hand creep closer to his crotch. He squeezed his eyes shut, bit his lip and practically slammed his head against his headrest.

Why does he not realise how much this is affecting me!? I’m practically dying here!

Jaejoong was suddenly brought out of his thoughts by Yunho’s seductive voice in his ear and a large hand grasping his half-hard cock.

“Ah, here’s what I was after,” Yunho husked, giving Jaejoong’s member a gentle squeeze. “What, no scream? I’m disappointed… I told you before, didn’t I? I want you to scream for me, Jaejoong-ah…”

The blond boy could only emit a strangled sound, hips automatically bucking up and fingers clenched tight at his sides, unsure about what to do.

Yunho’s touch felt so good – fuck does it feel good – but he knew, knew that he should push the other off. He was going out with his sister, for crying out loud! He tried to make a weak sound of protest, but it sounded more like a whimper of need.

Yunho grinned, replacing his right hand with his left – it was far easier to touch Jaejoong that way. He dipped his head, running his tongue up the length of the younger boy’s neck and delighted in the resulting shiver.


The elder sighed against the other’s skin, giving him a quick nip. “Jaejoong-ah, how many times do I have to tell you? Call me ‘Hyung’.”

“H-Hyung, I –” His words ended in a soft gasp as Yunho palmed him more firmly, bringing him to full hardness.

“You what?”

“I… Fuck,” Jaejoong squeaked. He felt Yunho grin against his neck and couldn’t help but to tilt his head, providing the other with easier access.

Shouldn’t be doing this shouldn’t be doing this should not be doing this!

Jaejoong’s breath hitched as Yunho’s hand flexed on his cock, his lips caressing the under-side of his jaw.

Don’t care, too good…

“Scream for me, Jaejoong-ah,” Yunho growled, rubbing the blond boy’s now straining erection.

Jaejoong didn’t scream, exactly, but he did moan rather loudly. That was good enough for Yunho; he bit down at the base of Jaejoong’s neck and stroked him harder.

“No, Hyung, I…” Jaejoong trailed off, never having had an ending to the plea in the first place. If anything, he wanted to plead for more, harder, faster, and with fewer clothes. Instead he settled for lifting his hips into Yunho’s hand, hoping that the older boy would understand.

“Jaejoong-ah,” Yunho began, but was interrupted by a shrill ringing sound.

This time, Jaejoong did scream.

Yunho’s hand flew off Jaejoong’s lap in an instant and he quickly sat back properly in his own seat, eyes wide and chest heaving.

Realising after a second that the ringing sound was coming from his bag, Jaejoong bent down to retrieve his phone. He glanced at the caller ID before answering.


“Jae, sweetie, be careful when you come home, okay? There’s a strange black car parked outside the house… I don’t know what the person’s doing in there, but the windows are starting to steam up. It’s ever so suspicious, dear.”

Jaejoong’s eyes closed in horror and his cheeks flared in embarrassment. “Mum… I’m in that black car. And there’s nothing suspicious going on,” he lied, willing his erection to subside and refusing to look at Yunho. “Jihye’s brother was just giving me a lift home.”

“Oh, well, come inside – it’s getting late.”

“I’ll be in now. See you in a sec.” Jaejoong waited for his mother to hang up before lowering the phone, still not looking at Yunho. “I uh, I should go now…”

The older boy coughed awkwardly. “Yeah, probably…” He took a deep breath before turning to look at Jaejoong, once again smiling his trademark innocent-yet-seductive smile. “See you soon, Joongie.”

Jaejoong bit his lip and grabbed his bag, climbing out of the car. He hesitated for a moment, then spun around to face Yunho full on. Blushing deeply, he said, “Thanks for the lift… Hyung.”

★       ★       ★

It took a week for Jaejoong to work up the courage to go back to Jihye’s house. He had tried to avoid her in school, guilt about what he’d let her brother do eating away at him. Finally, though, he couldn’t put it off anymore.

He knocked on the front door, apprehension thrumming through him, and lowered his eyes to his feet as he waited.


Jaejoong screamed. His eyes shot up to find the door open and the older Jung sibling smiling at him.

I need to start paying better attention to my surroundings…

Yunho grinned and leant against the door. “So what brings you here, my little screamer?”

Jaejoong swallowed harshly. “Um, is Jihye here?”

“She is,” Yunho nodded, “but that’s irrelevant. Come with me.”

Before Jaejoong could protest (or scream), he was being pulled through the house, up the stairs and into Yunho’s room.

The black-haired boy quickly shut the door behind the two of them, coming to stand behind Jaejoong and embracing the younger boy. He moved so that their bodies were flush against each other. Yunho nuzzled Jaejoong, squeezing him tightly.

“I missed you, Joongie. You should have come to visit me sooner.”

“I… I came to see Jihye.”

Yunho huffed. “Forget about her. I liked you first, anyway.”

“You… what? But… I’m…”

“I did go to your school, Joongie. And I was there when you were. You just didn’t know who I was. That’s fair enough though, since I was pretty quiet.”

Jaejoong frowned, confused. “You… were in my school? And you were quiet?”

Yunho chuckled and lowered his mouth to Jaejoong’s neck. “I know; it’s kind of hard to believe, right? That I wasn’t always super gay. It’s only since I started university. I liked you before then, though. Back when I still went to your school and your hair was a few shades darker. I like the blond though – it’s sexy.” Yunho suckled on the soft skin in front of him, eliciting a whimper from the younger boy.

“No, I… Jihye,” Jaejoong protested half-heartedly, almost completely distracted by Yunho’s lips on his neck and his hands roaming his chest. One had even slipped underneath the fabric of his t-shirt to caress his bare stomach. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could resist.

“Jihye knows all about it,” Yunho confided. “She’s letting me have you. After all, I do like you more than her.”

Jaejoong shook his head, unable to believe the words. He gasped when Yunho’s hand slid down to his crotch, fondling the growing bulge. He writhed, ass coming into contact with Yunho’s own firm length, and shivered in the older boy’s hold, knowing that he really shouldn’t let this continue.

“No,” Jaejoong said again, slightly more forcefully. “No, I can’t… Jihye and I, we’re still…”

Yunho sighed. He stepped back, breaking the contact between them (and Jaejoong was definitely not disappointed by this, not at all), but only for a moment. Soon enough he had one arm encircling Jaejoong’s waist again, fingers teasing at the blond boy’s arousal. In his other hand was his mobile phone.

“Jihye?” Yunho said when the girl answered his call.

“Yunho-oppa?” Jaejoong could hear her reply. “Why are you calling me? Aren’t you up in your room?”

“Shut up, I have something to ask you.”

Jihye carried on, ignoring her brother. “You know Oppa, that’s really lazy, even for you.”

“I said shut up!” The black-haired boy whined, making Jaejoong smile.

I guess he can be cute, too…

“Whatever,” came Jihye’s voice, and Jaejoong could imagine her rolling her eyes. “What do you want?”

Yunho’s hand clenched around Jaejoong, pulling him closer. “You know that I like Jaejoong, right? That I liked him since last year?”

“Yes, Oppa, I know. You told me last week, after you groped him in your car. Why?”

Not answering her question, he continued, “And you’re giving him to me, right? You’re going to break up with him the next time you see him?”

Jihye sighed, exasperated. “Yes, Oppa, I’m giving him to you, and yes, I’m going to break up with him.”

Jaejoong’s eyes widened at her answer, and at the fact that she knew about Yunho and him.

Mumbling, she said, “He’s almost as gay as you are, anyway… So, any reason you’re asking all this? What’s –”

Yunho hung up before she could get any further, dropping the phone on his desk. “See, Joongie? You’re mine.”

Immediately, Yunho’s hands were under Jaejoong’s shirt, pulling the garment up and over his head. His fingers danced down to the younger boy’s nipples, pinching and twisting them. His hands continued to move, as though he could never stop touching the other.

Jaejoong whimpered, leaning back just a fraction into Yunho’s warm body.

Jihye’s going to break up with me? She’s giving me to Yunho? …She thinks I’m gay!? Jaejoong took a moment to assess the situation; he was topless, with another guy touching his chest and groping his crotch, whilst he himself was imperceptibly rubbing his ass against said guy’s erection. Okay, so maybe I am a little gay… How come I didn’t notice?

All thoughts flew from Jaejoong’s mind as Yunho’s hand dipped beneath his waistband, though. The elder gripped him firmly, large hand circling around his hardening cock.

“I want you, Jaejoong-ah,” Yunho rumbled, stroking the small boy expertly. “Will you let me have you?”

“Y-Yunho-hyung…” Jaejoong’s eyes fluttered shut in pleasure. Could he really do this? Be with another guy? Yunho bit just beneath his jaw and he decided that hell yes, he could do this. He nodded, giving the other the go ahead.

Yunho smirked in victory. He quickly pulled off his own top and made quick work of the rest of their clothes before pushing Jaejoong onto the bed, making him kneel. He climbed on behind him, still holding the boy’s back to his chest. His fingertips trailed down Jaejoong’s sides, ghosted over his hips and brushed down the outside of his legs before trailing back up the inside of his thighs.

Jaejoong hung his head, panting. He felt Yunho’s erection – fuck, I forgot how large he is… – pressing against the crease between his ass-cheeks and unconsciously shifted against it. His fingers clenched in the bed sheets, unable to do anything more.

With one hand Yunho gripped Jaejoong’s throbbing length, drawing a high-pitched moan from the blond boy. His other hand went to Jaejoong’s mouth, asking for entrance.

Feeling ridiculously wanton, but far too turned on to care, Jaejoong parted his lips and sucked Yunho’s digits deep. He wondered what it would be like to suck something else and his cock jumped at the thought. His tongue ran over and under and between the fingers. He had a vague idea of what they would be doing next and guessed that they should probably be quite wet.

Yunho was leaking against the base of Jaejoong’s back, the boy’s oral ministrations driving his desire higher. Reluctantly he pulled his digits free, still lazily stroking the boy with his other hand. Wasting no time, he circled a finger around Jaejoong’s small entrance, glad that this position allowed him easy access.

The blond boy whined, muscles clenching at the unfamiliar touch. He bit his lip in anticipation.

They both groaned as Yunho slipped a finger in at last. Jaejoong was tight, hot, and deserved to have more than just one finger inside of him. Yunho quickly added another.

Jaejoong gasped, but didn’t fight it. His head tilted back and his hips began to pulse in barely noticeable movements. He would shift up into Yunho’s hand wrapped around his cock, then slide back down onto his fingers. Yunho was touching something inside that felt better than anything he’d ever experienced before. He wanted more.

“Y-Yunho-hyung, I…”

Yunho growled. “Fuck it’s hot when you say my name like that.” He hurriedly added a third finger, pushing them in and out with quick, jerky movements.

“More,” Jaejoong whined.

If Yunho had been a lesser man, he probably would have come right then. As it was, he just leaked some more pre-come and finger-fucked Jaejoong a littler harder. Eventually he had to pull away, reaching into the drawer by his bed to retrieve a tube of lubricant.

Jaejoong groaned at the loss, turning his head to see Yunho slicking up his cock. His eyes widened, not sure that that, that thing would fit inside him. It sure looked tempting though… He licked his lips, excited.

…How did I not notice that I’m gay? Seriously…

When Yunho moved back towards him Jaejoong started to turn his head, but his chin was soon caught in a firm grip. He looked up into Yunho’s eyes, heart beating faster at the expression on the other’s face.

As one they came together, lips locking and tongues twining.

Jaejoong whimpered, chest heaving at the feeling. His head was twisted at an awkward angle, body still arched and hands gripping the sheets, but it was without a doubt the best kiss he’d ever had.

Yunho’s hand trailed up the blond boy’s chest, squeezing a small nipple, before he delved his tongue deeper inside Jaejoong’s mouth, tasting all he could. Unable to wait any longer, Yunho broke the kiss and took hold of Jaejoong’s weeping arousal, knowing that the boy would probably need the pleasure as a distraction.

Bucking into the touch, Jaejoong bit his lip, knowing what was coming next and really not wanting to scream. He felt the tip of Yunho’s hard cock press against him, opening him up agonisingly slowly. The thrilling, unfamiliar sensation coupled with Yunho’s large, warm hand stroking him caused Jaejoong to tighten his grip on the quilt, desperate to moan out loud but far too embarrassed.

The choice was taken away from him though when Yunho suddenly pushed the rest of the way in, sheathing himself completely in Jaejoong’s tight heat. Both boys cried out, drowning in bliss.

Yunho started out slow, not wanting to hurt the other, but as Jaejoong began to move back onto him he sped up, riding the blond hard.

Jaejoong was nothing more than a writhing, moaning mess, eyes rolled back and lips parted, panting harshly. Every thrust of Yunho’s cock inside of him sent him to new heights of pleasure. He wanted him to keep going, keep touching him, licking him, fucking him, everything, he –

“Oppa, I – Holy shit!”

Jaejoong screamed. And not from pleasure.

Jihye quickly slammed the door shut, reprimanding them from outside. “Fuck, guys! Could you maybe put a sock on the door next time or something!?”

Yunho just grinned, still pumping into Jaejoong. “Sorry, can’t hear you!” He called. “Too busy fucking your boyfriend into the ranks of the super gay.”

Jaejoong whimpered. “H-hyung…”

“That’s right, Jaejoong-ah… Scream for me.”


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