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Sleeping Habits

Title: Sleeping Habits
Pairing: OT5
Rating: NC-17
Length: One-shot
Genre: Smut

Summary: The members find Yunho sleeping in an odd position. They decide to take advantage of it.

It was late at night when Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin made their way to the bedroom. The leader had retired to bed early whilst the other four had stayed up to watch a film, and they found him sleeping peacefully, mouth gaping and eyelids only half shut.

Junsu and Changmin stifled their laughter, never failing to be amused by Yunho’s sleeping habits. And to think that he looked so handsome during the day…

Yoochun cocked his head, brows furrowing. “What’s he doing with his legs?” He whispered.

The other three looked over, also noticing the strange positioning of the quilt. Yunho’s bare chest was on display, but where the cover started around his middle was a large lump, presumably Yunho’s legs.

Ever so slowly, so as not to wake the slumbering leader, Jaejoong pulled the quilt down, revealing the odd pose that Yunho had curled himself into. Junsu and Changmin had to try even harder to stifle their laughter.

“What the hell?” Yoochun gazed at the older man, confused. “That can’t be comfortable…”

Yunho’s legs were crossed and pulled up to his waist above him, as though he’d been sitting down and someone had simply pushed him over onto his back. One of his hands was clasping his outer-most foot, seemingly keeping the tangle together, whilst the other rested on his stomach.

Jaejoong licked his lips. The position had caused Yunho’s boxers to pull tight across his behind and the lead singer could easily imagine what he would look like naked. He crawled onto the bed, eyes focused entirely upon Yunho’s ass.

“Hyung, what’re you doing!?” Junsu whispered frantically as Jaejoong’s fingers settled on the taller man’s hips, hooking into his waistband.

“What?” Jaejoong shrugged. “It’s not like he’ll wake up… Not yet, anyway.” He smirked, gaze locked with Junsu’s as he slowly uncovered Yunho’s bare bottom, his small pink hole exposed for the others to see. Jaejoong could only pull the boxers off so far, thanks to the awkward angle of Yunho’s legs, but it was more than enough for what he intended to do.

Shuffling further down the bed, Jaejoong licked his lips, eyeing the leader’s entrance.

“Wait, Jae,” Yoochun began. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

Jaejoong bit his lip, thinking for a moment, then said, “You’re right. You and Su should hold his legs, and Min, go and hold his arms. He’ll probably kick, and I don’t fancy being on the receiving end of that.”

Yoochun sighed but moved to grasp Yunho’s left leg anyway. “That’s not what I meant.”

“I know,” Jaejoong grinned, waiting for the other two to do as he requested before moving back down to Yunho’s hole. “I love that he’s such a heavy sleeper…”

The other three watched as Jaejoong gently placed his palms on their leader’s cheeks, opening him a little more before leaning forwards and licking a stripe straight across the small entrance. Yunho’s whole body jerked at the first touch of a wet tongue on his sensitive skin, making the others grasp onto him a little tighter, but he didn’t wake up.

Jaejoong grinned and repeated the action, licking more enthusiastically with every second. He sucked on the patch of skin beneath Yunho’s balls before teasingly trailing his tongue down and around, flicking at the rim but never pressing on the hole.

Yunho began to twitch more and small whimpering sounds escaped as his expression morphed into one of pleasure.

The other members were watching the show avidly, hard and leaking in their own underwear. Junsu was desperate to rub himself against Yunho’s leg, to get some contact against his aching cock, but knew that Jaejoong would not be happy with him if he acted on his desire; they weren’t allowed to find their pleasure until the oldest said so.

Finally, Jaejoong began tonguing Yunho’s entrance again, trying to force the wet muscle inside. His thumbs pulled at Yunho’s skin, trying to make the penetration easier, but the leader was too tight. Jaejoong could do no more than lick at the opening. Frustrated, he quickly sucked a finger, then circled it around the pucker before sliding it all the way inside of Yunho with one smooth motion.

That woke the leader.

Yunho’s muscles clamped down around Jaejoong whilst his arms and legs shot out, surprised. It was lucky that the others had been holding onto him, or he very possibly could have injured someone.

After an initial moment of panic (because fuck, there was something inside of him and people were restraining him), Yunho became aware of his surroundings and of what his band members were doing to him. He glanced at each of them, took note of the lust in their eyes and the erections in their boxers, and promptly tilted his head back, letting out a loud moan as Jaejoong’s finger rubbed against his prostate and his tongue lapped at the sensitive skin of his entrance. Yunho tried to spread his legs (which Yoochun and Junsu still had a hold of), but was hindered by the boxers wrapped around his thighs. He whimpered, looking up at the younger men pleadingly.

They hurriedly pulled the piece of cloth off, resisting the urge to drool as Yunho’s long legs fell open, revealing his own leaking length.

Jaejoong slipped another finger inside of the leader. “You like spreading your legs wide for us, don’t you Yunnie? All exposed like that… It’s so easy to take advantage of you. But you like that, don’t you? Having our eyes on your naked body, our hands touching your heated skin… You want us to see you like this. So fucking wanton.” Jaejoong pushed a third finger in, smirking when Yunho arched up.

Yoochun and Junsu tightened their grip on the older man’s legs, fingers dipping down to tease at the skin of his inner thighs but not daring to touch anywhere else.

“Hyung,” Changmin whined, fingers clenching on Yunho’s arms. “Why do you get his ass?”

“Because I’m the oldest.” Jaejoong smirked at the taller man, fingers still pumping steadily inside the leader, pressing insistently upon his prostate.

Changmin huffed, pouting. “You always use that excuse.”

“And I always will.” Jaejoong grinned again, enjoying the control that he had over the others.

“So what am I meant to do?” The youngest asked.

Jaejoong thought for a moment, twisting his fingers and eliciting a pleasured cry from the man pinned to the bed. “Lie down over Yunho, and you can suck on him whilst he sucks on you.”

Changmin grinned, seemingly pleased with his instructions as he quickly released Yunho’s arms and wriggled out of his boxers. He slipped his hard cock into the older man’s open mouth and leant forwards, eyes on the pulsing member in front of him. He lapped up the copious pre-come on Yunho’s tip, reminded of how turned on Yunho got when everyone watched him.

Yunho groaned deep in his throat, swallowing around Changmin’s thick length and squeezing Jaejoong’s fingers with his inner muscles. He shivered from the soft caresses on his inner thighs. As his tongue ran over Changmin, his legs spread open further.

Yoochun swallowed harshly at the image before turning to Jaejoong and asked, “What about me and Su?”

Jaejoong hummed, still twirling his fingers absently within Yunho’s hole. “Min, stop sucking for a second.”

The younger man groaned but did as he was told, releasing Yunho with one last wet suck and sitting up on his knees. Yunho whimpered and let Changmin slip from his mouth as well.

“I didn’t say that you could stop, Yunnie,” Jaejoong reprimanded, pushing his fingers deep inside the leader and twisting them harshly.

Yunho yelped, cock jumping, and quickly wrapped his lips around Changmin again, trying to take in as much as he could.

“Junsu,” Jaejoong started, turning to the man on his left. “Go fuck Minnie.”

Junsu grinned, releasing Yunho’s leg and climbing onto the bed behind Changmin, shimmying out of his underwear as he went.

The youngest turned to the lead singer, expression one of disbelief. Before he could protest, however, Jaejoong continued.

“What? Don’t even try to tell me that you don’t enjoy it, Min.”

Changmin pouted, but closed his mouth in defeat.

“Um, Hyung? Will Yunho-hyung still be able to suck Minnie like this?” Junsu asked, two saliva-slicked fingers already pushing into the youngest.

“He should be able to,” Jaejoong said. “I sucked him in that position before whilst Yoochun was fucking him, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Right Yunnie?”

Yunho moaned in response, eliciting a matching moan from Changmin.

Yoochun dragged his eyes away from the sight of Junsu preparing Changmin to look at the lead singer once again. Grinning, he asked, “So… Does that mean that I get to fuck you?”

Jaejoong snorted. “No, Chun. You’re going to ride Yunho. After all, you like feeling his long cock inside of you, don’t you? And whilst you’re doing that, Minnie’s going to suck you. Aren’t you, Min?”

Changmin nodded in assent, but any words that he had been planning to say were cut off as Junsu pushed into him, the smaller man’s salvia being the only lubrication. Both groaned loudly, Changmin leaking into Yunho’s mouth as Junsu’s cock ran over his prostate.

“Well what are you waiting for, Chunnie?” Jaejoong smirked. Nodding in the direction of Yunho’s lap, he said, “Hop on.”

Yoochun gave Yunho’s thigh one last squeeze and then pushed his boxers down, twitching as the cold air ran over his burning arousal. He knelt up on the bed, swinging his left leg over Yunho to straddle the older man. His eyes were fixed upon Changmin’s cock dipping down into the wide-open mouth of their leader, but he was soon brought back to reality when he felt Yunho’s throbbing erection pushing against his unprepared hole.

“Jae,” Yoochun gasped. “Can’t I have at least a little lubrication? I’ve not even been stretched…”

Jaejoong sighed resignedly. “Fine. Lift up.”

As Yoochun knelt up fully, moving his lower half away from Yunho’s, Jaejoong leant over and rapidly took Yunho’s cock down his throat. He sucked on it once, twice, then pulled up, deeming it sufficiently wet. He gave a lick to Yoochun’s exposed entrance – a signal to sit back down as well as a final effort to aid him – and moved away again, pulling his fingers out of Yunho as he did so.

The leader whined, hips jerking.

Jaejoong’s left hand remained wrapped around Yunho’s dripping length whilst the other guided Yoochun down, ensuring that their bodies joined in one smooth move. He grinned as both of the men moaned loudly.

Yunho’s legs were still spread wide, the angle forcing Yoochun to tilt forwards ever so slightly. This meant that Yunho’s cock was pushed firmly against the smaller man’s prostate, making Yoochun shiver with every move.

Without being told, Changmin bent over and engulfed Yoochun in his mouth. His arms rested on the baritone’s thighs, hands grasping at his hips in an effort to hold himself steady. It wasn’t necessary for him to touch Yoochun though, as Junsu’s thrusts propelled him forwards, Yoochun’s cock slipping deeper each time.

Jaejoong grinned, pleased that his members were following his orders without question. He hurriedly slicked his own throbbing arousal before pushing Yunho’s legs up and out and sliding into the leader’s tight heat.

Yunho groaned deeply, teeth scraping against Changmin and hips pushing up into Yoochun. His hands reached back, grasping onto Junsu’s round behind, fingers inching themselves towards the crease between the cheeks. He gripped the firm mounds tightly, spreading them open and allowing one finger to venture forward, to circle around the puckered entrance.

Junsu gasped, squirmed, and thrust into Changmin more harshly than he had intended.

The youngest was forced to grip harder onto Yoochun’s hips, lest he choke on the pulsing cock in his mouth. He sucked loudly, knowing how much the others enjoyed the sounds of sex. Indeed, the suction on his own length increased straight away.

Yoochun gasped, hips circling down and around onto Yunho’s firm member when Jaejoong suddenly pinched one of his nipples, nails scraping over the small nub and making it stand firm. He tilted his head back in pleasure, resting one hand on Changmin’s toned back and using the other to grip the youngest’s hair. He tugged, none-too-gently, and was rewarded with a deep groan, the vibrations travelling up his length.

Whining, Junsu clenched his inner muscles, not trying to get Yunho’s finger inside of him but not trying to get away, either. The touch on his small hole excited him, made him leak more pre-come and ease his way inside of Changmin. Soon, Yunho was pushing a dry digit into him and Junsu was panting, trying not to lose control. He should have been expecting Yunho to play with his ass really, since he could barely go ten minutes without one of the members doing something to it.

Yunho felt Junsu tighten around his finger but he forced it the rest of the way in anyway, until his knuckle was pressed firmly against the younger man. He could feel the result of his action all around him: Changmin’s hips pushed down, his cock dipping deeper into Yunho’s mouth; Yoochun’s hole squeezed around him as the younger man jerked, presumably reacting to something that Changmin had done; Yunho clenched down on Jaejoong in turn, so the lead singer thrust in harder.

Yunho knew that it wouldn’t be long for any of them. Being like this, all together… It always got them off quicker than anything else. But first… First Jaejoong would have to let them.

Changmin tried mumbling around Yoochun’s cock, hoping to signal the oldest that he was close. The sensation of Junsu driving into him, driving him onto Yoochun’s cock, whilst Yunho sucked him deep was taking him to the edge quickly.

Luckily, Jaejoong understood. “Go ahead,” he ground out, breathing laboured. “If you’re going to come, just –” a moan, “– come.”

Junsu twitched at those words, knowing how rare it was for Jaejoong to just let them come, and wanting to take full advantage of it. He pulsed back and forth in a fast rhythm, hips moving as though he were dancing. A pleasured sound escaped his throat when Yunho shoved another finger inside of him.

Yoochun’s fingers clenched tightly in Changmin’s hair, the nails of his other hand scraping across the youngest’s back. He bounced up and down frantically, the dry burning heat of Yunho’s cock inside of him a sharp contrast to the wet warmth of Changmin’s mouth. He moved faster, unable to decide which he wanted to feel more, just knowing that he couldn’t get enough of either.

With one more rough thrust from Junsu and a strong suck from Yunho, Changmin was suddenly there, at the precipice of pleasure and then falling off, falling hard, coming hard, into Yunho’s mouth and over his face and across his bare chest. He could feel himself contracting around Junsu, who was still moving inside of him, still abusing his prostate with every thrust. Changmin panted around Yoochun’s cock, unable to continue sucking.

Junsu cried out, loudly and high-pitched, as Changmin’s entrance suddenly tightened, the pressure almost unbearable. He slammed deep inside the younger member as Yunho pushed his fingers deep, pressing hard on his prostate. His hips pulsed a few more times and then he was releasing deep inside of Changmin, squeezing Yunho’s fingers hard whilst filling up the youngest’s still-twitching hole.

Yunho came next, seeing and hearing and feeling and tasting both Changmin and Junsu reach their climaxes. His fingers curled inside the younger man involuntarily as he arched up, hips lifting higher into Yoochun’s clenching heat. Jaejoong never stopped pumping into him, never let him bask, instead drawing out the sensations for longer, pushing him higher. Yunho swallowed Changmin’s come, delighting in the taste, and moaned deeply when Yoochun slammed himself down on his throbbing cock. He exploded then, unable to take any more, expending himself inside of Yoochun.

Jaejoong and Yoochun came almost simultaneously, unable to hold off any longer.

A last lick from Changmin was all that it took for Yoochun, and then he was shooting streams of white across the leader’s stomach, some of it mixing in with Changmin’s and some even catching the youngest’s chin and cheeks. He received a scowl, but Changmin was already licking up the mess, obviously not as displeased as he let on.

Jaejoong held himself as deep inside Yunho as he could possibly get, fingers clenching hard on the other’s thighs. He would be worried about leaving a bruise if he didn’t know how much Yunho would enjoy that – a mark from one of his members, claiming him as theirs. Jaejoong would be sure to mark Yunho, all right… Letting out a strangled cry, Jaejoong released, pleasure washing over him as he coated the leader’s inner walls. His cock jerked a few more times before he was completely spent, every last drop declaring that Yunho was his property, their property. He sighed contentedly, finally letting Yunho put his legs down.

“Fuck,” Yoochun whined, falling to his right onto the bed. “That was so good. My ass hurts like hell, but that was so fucking good…”

Junsu sat back and rested against the headboard, smirking tiredly as he watched his come drip out of Changmin’s abused hole and onto Yunho’s cheek and neck. He was tempted to lick it up, but the youngest beat him to it, turning around and running his tongue over the leader.

Yunho groaned. His eyes were closed and he lacked the energy to open them, the all-consuming bliss having taken all of his strength. He simply listened to the sounds of his members, each coming down from their high.

Slowly, Jaejoong pulled out of the taller man, missing the tight hot channel as soon as he left it. He fell to the other side of the leader and tenderly ran his fingers over Junsu’s leg. The younger sighed happily and Jaejoong pressed a soft kiss to the skin.

Changmin was still trying to clean Yunho with his tongue, but his efforts were halted when Yoochun pulled him down, annoyed with the way that the bed kept shifting.

“Min. Stop. Clean later. Rest now,” he mumbled.

The youngest pouted, licking his lips to savour what he could, and obediently lay down in between Yunho and Yoochun. The baritone’s fingers traced gentle patterns on his chest and Changmin breathed out, at last letting his body calm down.

Yunho muttered something quietly, but repeated it louder when prompted. “I can’t believe you guys ambushed me whilst I was sleeping…”

“Shut up,” Jaejoong grinned, trailing a finger through the cooling come still adorning the other. “You enjoyed it.”

“That’s not the point,” Yunho grumbled. “Besides, that wasn’t fair…”

“Oh? Why not?” The eldest asked, bringing his fingers to his lips and getting his own taste of Changmin and Yoochun.

“You were the only one without something in his ass.”

Jaejoong’s eyes widened for a moment and then narrowed dramatically, glaring. “Don’t even think about it,” he hissed.

Yunho merely smirked. “Too late. As soon as I can move again, it’s your turn.”


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